Legal Notice

Legal Notice

A legal notice is a formal written communication between two or more parties. Through a legal notice, the sender informs the recipient of his intention to take legal proceedings against the other party. A legal notice also helps in making the receiving party aware of the sender's complaints.

It serves as a final warning to the receiver to fulfill a certain condition if he does not want a court battle.

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The aggrieved person/group of persons can draft the notice on their own, but it is a better option to have it drafted by an experienced legal expert. A well-drafted legal notice is made on the letter-head of the advocate containing his address and contact details and should also contain the following information

  • Title of legal notice

  • matter and facts

  • Sender's demands and requirements

  • results and side effects

  • Types of legal notice

  • tenant eviction notice

  • Employee and Employer/Company

  • check bounce notice

  • consumer dispute

  • Section 80 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908